Developing Union Civil Protection Knowledge Network partnership among EU, European Neighbourhood Policy countries and international organisations” Project Number 101017823

NET-CBRN-REACT project, funded by the European Union, to be implemented in 2021 - 2022, aims for better and more prompt disaster risk management in Eastern Europe and the Middle East through strengthening effectiveness and efficiency of collective civil protection and disaster management efforts.

Since we witness constantly evolving nature of risks and hazards and the varying levels of impact they have on different segments of the population, infrastructure and the environment, the project covers relevant horizontal issues which include environmental sustainability, green economic practices, climate change and an increase of resilience in infrastructure.


The project offers broad and inclusive disaster risk management to meet emergencies occurring inside and/or outside the EU through stronger prevention, preparedness and response activities, with use of UCPM. By combing experience and best practices from EU and non-EU partners, and developing cooperation networks, project provides for enhanced cooperation and improved coordination among a wide range of stakeholders across countries, within UCPM.

The project horizontal approach broadens the traditional civil protection towards public security, protection of environment and public and private infrastructure, marine pollution, health emergencies, as well as cultural heritage against disaster risks and natural and manmade hazards. This broad and inclusive disaster risk management becomes a continues task to be performed on daily basis, not in case of emergency, and will remain high on local, national and international agenda.

The partners will analyse and research on current training and exercise activities and procedures already in place to enhance UCPM use in CBRN context. They will make a compilation of civil protection knowledge, expertise and methodologies based on specific disaster risk scenarios common in Eastern Europe and the Middle East.

Why it is needed?

In such a complex and ever-changing risks, what COVID19 pandemic demonstrated more effective prevention and preparedness, more vigorous response and early recovery require better data collection, increased flow of information, improved sharing of knowledge, expertise and skills and consolidated scientific evidence.

Disasters risks common in the Eastern Europe and the Middle East will be elaborated by civil protection and disaster risk management actors from different thematic areas. This will enable scenario-based approaches to be used in the development, testing and applying in trainings and exercises. This would encourage innovative approaches and evidence-based practices that could improve prevention, preparedness and response and foster partnerships.


NET-CBRN-REACT project unites partners from Eastern Europe and Middle East in implementing the Union Civil Protection Knowledge Network (hereafter "Knowledge Network").

NET-CBRN-REACT is contributing to the implementation of the Knowledge Network as an inclusive platform of shared knowledge and expertise, good practices and networking in order to establish common understanding and shared culture of prevention, preparedness and response in civil protection and disaster risk management in the EU and the wider Neighbourhood.


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