Project Dissemination and Publicity

The project communication strategy provides for on-line platform for the exchange of information and dissemination of important materials amongst partners.

Project’s developments and implementation will be presented at the dedicated website (as a part of the ICCSS webpage) to spread out the information on project activities, events as well as to publicize results of the project undertakings (reports from seminars and exercises, public versions of working materials produced by experts within the planning process and as recaps of various events).

Flyers, brochures and multimedia materials, showing project achievements, will be produced throughout the project period based on an assessment of the needs of target groups.

The dissemination event will be conducted during the 2022 Intershutz to present results to the representatives of relevant international, national and local institutions, services as well as to the broader public.

Consortium Leader and Project Coordinator

Amb. Krzysztof Paturej, ICCSS President of the Board,  +48 22 436 20 44


Col. Jacek Borowski, ICCSS Senior Advisor; ; project coordination

Mr. Adam Paturej, ICCSS Budget & Finance Direvtor; at on project administration and financial issues.

Project Transferability

Transferability of project results is achieved in following 5 dimensions:

  1. By inclusion of actors from different regions, who remain outside the UCPM but share the UCPM values and usefulness, the project provides transferability of outputs and UCPM promotion among EU neighbouring regions.

  2. By inviting partners from the EU-CHEM-REACT, DAIMON2 project, BALTPREP project, relevant NATO projects and international organisations, which are practical and academic projects, NET-CBRN-REACT reaches and engages academic and first responders stakeholders. This opens new possibilities to develop and introduce new solutions and best practices.

  3. Since the project aims, inter alia, to improve resilience and disaster risk management at a local level, the project will be promoted among the UN audience, as practical tool to support the implementation of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, another EU priority, where response to these risks are also prominent and linked to environment protection.

  4. By enhancing practical development of Knowledge Network among non-EU stakeholders from academia, civil society and first responders, the project will transfer the relevant lessons learned to EU bodies.

  5. The whole society approach provides that local and national barriers will be identified and needs analysed. This will ensure transferability of project results, including continued transmission of best practices and capacity building, among the national and local stakeholders, after the project conclusion.



NET-CBRN-REACT project unites partners from Eastern Europe and Middle East in implementing the Union Civil Protection Knowledge Network (hereafter "Knowledge Network").

NET-CBRN-REACT is contributing to the implementation of the Knowledge Network as an inclusive platform of shared knowledge and expertise, good practices and networking in order to establish common understanding and shared culture of prevention, preparedness and response in civil protection and disaster risk management in the EU and the wider Neighbourhood.


International Centre for Chemical Safety and Security
Leszno 8/1 01-192 Warsaw
 +48 22 436 20 44


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